Palazzo Parentucelli

There is no question that the most illustrious member of the Parentucelli family from Sarzana was Tommaso, who was born here on 15 November 1397 and was the son of Andreola di ser Tomeo of Verrucola de’ Bosi (Fivizzano) and Bartolomeo Parentucelli, a doctor from Sarzana. Tommaso Parentucelli was elected pope in 1447 and took the name Nicholas V. He is remembered as the epitome of a humanist pope and was responsible – among other things – for founding the Vatican Library. Inside the building, on the first landing on the stairs is a 15th century papal coat of arms made of Carrara marble, with the initials N.PP.V (Nicholas Pope V) on it. Other eminent members of the family are also commemorated elsewhere. For example, on the façade is a round marble coat of arms of Antonio Maria Parentucelli, who was the Bishop of Luni-Sarzana from 1469 until 1485.