De Benedetti - Podestà Palace

Due to its size, this 19th century building stands out among the properties lining Piazza Niccolò V, near the cathedral. It has three floors, which are divided by simple marble cornices. There is a mezzanine floor between the piano nobile and the ground floor. On the latter are four rectangular windows that are protected by simple iron bars. The main entrance in the centre of the building is decorated with a classic lacunar in the intrados.

Tusini Palace

This 18th century building has three floors and a rather simple appearance. The large windows on the piano nobile are adorned with mock balustrades made of stucco and topped with moulded hoods with decorative shells underneath them.

Picedi - Benettini Palace

No traces remain today of the medieval foundations on which Palazzo Picedi-Benettini was built. The family’s coat of arms can be seen above the doorway at the entrance. There are marble busts of Roman emperors in the atrium. The courtyard is off-centre with respect to the entrance. It contains two marble basins with mascarons on them, where rainwater was collected. A number of illustrious figures have stayed at Palazzo Picedi-Benettini, including Pope Pius VII and Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma.